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Asthma Discharge Toolkit

Our Pediatric Asthma team has gathered helpful resources here in one place.  If you have any questions, please contact us.  We are here for you!


Info Sessions - Slides

  • Childhood Asthma: Asthma educator Susan M. McKillop, MSNeD, BSN, RN, AE-C of Weill Cornell Medicine's Pediatric Asthma Program discusses Anatomy and Physiology, Overview of Asthma, Asthma in NYC, Symptoms. amd Asthma Management. 
    PDF icon Download the Childhood Asthma slides
  • Spacer Use: Asthma educator Susan M. McKillop, MSNeD, BSN, RN, AE-C discusses spacer use and inhalers.  Susan discusses how asthma medication goes to your lungs and other important things to know about using a spacer for better medicine delivery.  
    PDF icon Download the Spacer Use slides
  • What is an Asthma Action Plan?  Asthma educator Susan M. McKillop, MSNeD, BSN, RN, AE-C explains how to develop an asthma action plan, and why it is useful in managing your/your child's asthma.
    PDF icon Download What is an Asthma Action Plan? slides 
  • Asthma Triggers: Asthma educator Susan M. McKillop, MSNeD, BSN, RN, AE-C discusses common asthma triggers including exercise, weather, allergens, irritants, and stress, and offers tips for managing triggers. 
    PDF icon Download the Asthma Triggers slides

Spacer with Inhaler Visual Guide

Why Use a Spacer

Download PDF: PDF icon Why Use a Spacer?  Posted with permission by the American Lung Association.

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