Medical Genetics Patient Care

We use the latest genetic information technology to deliver expert clinical evaluation, risk assessment, counseling and testing for a variety of genetic conditions.  Many complex genetic disorders require the combined expertise of subspecialists, and we work closely with other WCM physicians in specialties including cardiology, neurology and oncology to address your needs in a comprehensive manner. Recognizing that genetic conditions can affect multiple members of the family, we are also available to address each family member’s needs. 

Our expertise includes: 

  • preconception counseling and expanded carrier screening 
  • genetic disorder and birth defect prenatal detection 
  • congenital and childhood onset diseases with a genetic basis 
  • continuity of care for patients with medical genetic conditions 
  • evaluation of patients with a personal or family history of genetic conditions 

We also diagnose and develop treatment plans for a myriad of conditions, including: 

  • abnormal genetic test results 
  • autism spectrum disorders 
  • birth defects and birth defect syndromes 
  • cancer predisposition syndromes 
  • chromosomal abnormalities 
  • developmental delay or intellectual disability 
  • family history of genetic diseases 
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) 

Services & Programs

  • Bloom Syndrome Registry Bloom Syndrome Registry 
  • Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Craniofacial Program
  • Klinefelter Syndrome Care Center/ X and Y Chromosome Variations Program
  • Neurogenetics Clinic

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