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Support Services

Weill Cornell Pediatric Support Services

Child Life Services

At the NewYork-Presbyterian Phyllis and David Komansky Children's Hospital and our Weill Cornell Medicine subspecialty practice, our certified child life specialists employ a mix of education, play, therapy and self-expression activities to help children cope with their hospitalization and illness. They also provide information and support for families, advocate for family-centered care and the needs of hospitalized children, and provide sibling support. Patient and families contact child life specialists for professional help with illnesses or new diagnoses, preparation for scheduled tests or procedures, pain management, frequent admissions, developmental issues and other stressful aspects of the medical environment.
Child Life Services at Komansky Children’s Hospital
(212) 746-3516

Family Advisory Council

The Komansky Children’s Hospital Family Advisory Council is a group comprised of staff members, physicians, and dedicated parents with children have been treated at the hospital, who work together to make the hospital better and improve care. The Family Advisory Council (FAC) promotes family-centered care, an approach to healthcare respecting the central role a family plays in caring for a sick child, both in and out of the hospital setting.  With family-centered care, doctors, nurses, administrators and families all collaborate in an environment of trust and respect.

FAC members work with hospital staff to help families get the information they need to care for their children with confidence, and to help ease the stress of having a child in the hospital. They also oversee management of the council’s support luncheons, workshops and tea hours, where trained volunteer members provide peer support for parents.
Komansky Children’s Hospital Family Advisory Council
(212) 746-6007 

Pastoral Care

The Hospital Department of Pastoral Care and Education provides spiritual and emotional support for patients and families. Chaplains are trained to work with people of all faiths, as well as those with no religious affiliation, and are available to provide religious guidance and help maintain religious or ritual observances. Please let your nurse know if you would like to talk to a chaplain during your hospital stay. The Leland Eggleston Cofer Memorial Chapel is open daily for people of all faith to pray and meditate.
Leland Eggleston Cofer Memorial Chapel
525 E. 68th St., First Floor Lobby
Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.: (212) 746-6971 
24-Hour Emergency On-Call Chaplain: (212) 746-5100, Pager #17205.

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