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Drukier Institute for Children's Health

Child Health researchers at Belfer Research Building

The Gale and Ira Drukier Institute for Children’s Health at Weill Cornell Medicine is a cross-disciplinary institute dedicated to understanding the causes of diseases that primarily affect children.  While institute researchers focus primarily on understanding immune-mediated disease, they also establish extensive collaborations with physicians and scientists interested in the broader spectrum of childhood disease within the Department of Pediatrics.  Their goal is to rapidly translate basic research breakthroughs into advanced therapies for children and adolescents. 

The Drukier Institute is located within Weill Cornell Medicine’s Belfer Research Building, which serves as a nucleus where physician-scientists, educators, students and researchers from around the globe collaborate to produce the latest healthcare discoveries and research breakthroughs, with an entire floor devoted to children’s health and pediatric medicine.  The Institute also hosts an annual Lecture and Prize.

Visit the Drukier Institute website to learn more. 

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Gale and Ira Drukier Institute for Children’s Health

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