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General Academic Pediatrics Research

The Weill Cornell Medicine General Academic Pediatrics team engages in research to support our patient care activities and education programs. This includes discharge planning and communication, febrile infant evaluations, clinician interaction with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and its impact on patient care, assessment strategies of learners and evaluation of education programs.

Current Research Projects

Current general pediatric research projects in our division include: 

  • research training: needs assessment and curriculum development 
  • health services research including: prescription safety, adoption of HIT and HIE for providers, use of HIE to improve population health, high utilizers and healthcare fragmentation 
  • the use of health information exchanges in our resident group practice
  • the integration of mental health into primary care and pediatrics through education and integrated models of care
  • the evaluation of obesity management and education
  • the evaluation of nutrition and exercise education for parents of children in early education
  • improvement of transitions from hospital to home 
  • improvement of student access to point of care resources to aid history taking and clinical decision-making, as well as the creation and observation of a novel, symptom-based, diagnostic algorithm and illness script app
  • the impact of scoliosis surgery on adolescent athletes
  • the effect of orthotics for pain reduction and re-injury prevention among young athletes
  • a focus on influenza vaccination in the collegiate population
  • parent-adolescent communication (HPV vaccine decision-making and willingness to participate in clinical trials)

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