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Older Publications

Select older publications by faculty, fellows, residents and staff.  

Books and Book Chapters
  1. Cuda S and Censani M. Diabetes and Obesity in the Child and Adolescent: Guidelines and Challenges (pp. 553-566). In: Faintuch J and Faintuch S (eds): Obesity and Diabetes, 2nd ed. Switzerland AG, Springer Nature. December 2020.
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  • Snezana Nena Osorio MD MS, Sandra Gage MD PhD, Leah Mallory MD, Paula Soung, MD, Alexandra Satty MD, Erika L. Abramson MD MSci, Lloyd Provost MSci, David Cooperberg MD, on behalf of the IMPACT Study Group* Factorial Analysis Quantifies the Effects of Pediatric Discharge Bundle on Hospital Readmission. The IMPACT study group is a multidisciplinary group of MDs, nurses, social workers, and Family Advisory Group members.

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