Housestaff Initiatives

Pediatric Minority Housestaff Committee

The Pediatric Minority Housestaff Committee (PMHC) was established in 2017 in an effort to provide a forum for residents and fellows traditionally underrepresented in pediatrics to gather, share ideas and build community. The PMHC is comprised of members of the pediatric house staff (both residents and fellows) and dedicated faculty advisors.

PMHC activities include:

  • Assisting the department with residency and fellowship recruitment efforts.
  • Providing mentorship and advice on topics including professional development, research and career placement.
  • Creating a forum for personal development including discussions surrounding home ownership, financial planning, etc.
VIDEO: Learn more about the PMHC

Pediatric Diversity Coalition

The Pediatric Diversity Coalition (PDC), comprised of individuals from underrepresented in the department, as well as majority backgrounds, is committed to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) within the Pediatrics community.

Residency Recruitment

The Department of Pediatrics seeks outstanding medical students from local and national institutions to populate each residency class. Various faculty, including PDC members participate in the interview and recruitment process.  Additionally, there are diversity mixers held for applicants from backgrounds presently under-represented in medicine.

Make Your Match

This event is an annual offering intended to introduce diverse medical and pre-medical students to residency training at NYP/WCM. The programmatic goal is to demystify the residency application process and help prepare attendees for the next phases of career development and planning, irrespective of their home institution.

The agenda typically includes a resident panel discussion, mock interviews, overview of the application process and a program director panel addressing “ What Are Residencies Looking For?” Throughout the day, students are invited to interact with Weill Cornell students, residents and faculty to learn about our various residency programs as well as the WCM Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and community. 

Welcome Back Event 

This event is co-sponsored by several departments and NYP residency programs including Pediatrics and Medicine, the NewYork-Presbyterian GME Diversity Council, and the Minority Housestaff Committee. The event introduces applicants to our larger diversity family and celebrates our community’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and health equity.

The day includes introductions to institutional leadership including:

  • Associate Dean, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Designated Institutional Official, Graduate Medical Education
  • Departmental Vice Chairs of Diversity
  • Medicine and Pediatric Residency Program leadership
  • Faculty panel 
  • Resident panel 

The program also features residency specific breakout sessions where applicants have the opportunity to pose questions to residents, fellows and faculty from their program of interest.

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