Medical Genetics

The Division of Medical Genetics provides inpatient and outpatient consultation, counseling and medical care for children and adolescents with both rare and common genetic conditions. The rapid expansion of medical genetic knowledge and the availability of new genetic technologies allow us to offer a personalized genetic approach for the health and well-being of our patients across their lifespan. We also provide expanded carrier screening for inherited disease risk, as well as consultation for abnormal pregnancy findings and adult onset conditions.

We use the latest genetic information technology to deliver expert clinical evaluation, risk assessment, counseling and testing for a variety of genetic conditions.  Many complex genetic disorders require the combined expertise of subspecialists, and we work closely with other WCM physicians in specialties including cardiology, neurology and oncology to address your needs in a comprehensive manner. Recognizing that genetic conditions can affect multiple members of the family, we are also available to address each family member’s needs.

What Sets us Apart

  • We have appointment availability for outpatient consultations every day.
  • We are available within 24-48 hours for urgent consultation.
  • Physicians from all pediatric subspecialties are available for consultation and referral within our department.

Contact Information

Weill Cornell Medicine
Division of Medical Genetics
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Helmsley Tower, Third Floor
New York, NY 10021
(646) 962-2205
(646) 962-0273

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