Pediatric Concussion & Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI)

The Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) pediatric concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) team is dedicated to raising awareness and pursuing research to improve diagnostics and therapeutics for these widespread injuries.

Student-Athlete Concussion Study

If you are an athlete who has sustained a concussion, or a coach or parent of someone who has sustained a head injury, please call our concussion hotline: (212) 746-1112.

You will be directed to our physicians for evaluation and contacted by our research team at your request.

About the Study: Post-Concussion Syndrome and EYE-TRAC Advance

In school gyms and on sports fields across the country, growing attention has been directed toward the risk of concussion, and the need to carefully assess and manage children who may have suffered brain injuries. However, less attention has been paid to post-concussion syndrome: headaches and/or dizziness that can last for several weeks or even months after injury.

Dr. Barry Kosofsky directs the Weill Cornell Pediatric Concussion Clinic, studying risk factors of post-concussion syndrome in children over the age of seven. He also leads the EYE-TRAC Advance, a longitudinal, clinical research study in collaboration with the Brain Trauma Foundation (BTF), to use eye tracking, MRI brain imaging and neurocognitive performance tests as predictors of long-term deficits in those who may require early treatment.

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Links for Athletes

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How You Can Help

Our pediatric concussion research program relies on funding from federal and foundational grants, and support from donors like you. Make a Donation