Clinical Observers

Clinical observership is available for faculty and fellows currently affiliated with another academic institution, who plan to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during their observership to benefit this institution upon their return.

Please note: students interested in an elective rotation must file their application through Weill Cornell Medical College's Office of Global Health Education.

Clinical observers may not have active patient care responsibilities, and are not covered under our malpractice insurance policy. The minimum length of clinical observership is four weeks, while the maximum length is three months. Clinical observers are allowed to apply for an extension on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants must have a faculty sponsor within our department, and submit a formal application packet. Application materials must be submitted for review at least three months in advance, or six months in advance in the case of application for an immigration visa.

In addition to activities within a specific division, clinical observers are encouraged to participate in other educational opportunities within the Department of Pediatrics, including grand rounds and professor's rounds.

PDF icon Clinical Observership Application Form

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