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The Bloom Syndrome Registry at Weill Cornell Medicine is a cooperative clinical and investigational effort involving medical professionals with experience caring for Bloom syndrome patients and the community of those affected by Bloom syndrome (including families). Our goal is to characterize Bloom syndrome natural history, maintain a database of clinical information, and obtain samples from affected persons to study the cellular basis of Bloom Syndrome traits.

We compile the collective information about this rare condition, because any single physician or even large medical center is likely to encounter no more than one person with Bloom syndrome. As a clinical repository, we strive to serve those with Bloom syndrome and their families, provide knowledge about the condition, and use this knowledge  to improve outcomes. 

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Participate in the Bloom Syndrome Registry

Please contact us to provide the registry with your information.  

Office: (646) 962-2205 

Parents, guardians and healthcare providers may submit the following:

  • Clinical case history
  • The laboratory testing that confirms the diagnosis
  • Contact information to follow the clinical progress of the affected person, including growth, general health, and health problems.

We encourage interested parties to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding potential involvement or addition to the registry.

Informed consent must be provided by persons who participate in the registry. Bloom Syndrome Registry consent forms are approved by the Institutional Review Board of Weill Cornell Medical College.

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