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Our ongoing quality assurance efforts ensure compliance with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and Joint Commission standards.

The Komansky Children’s Hospital Quality Council

The Komansky Children’s Hospital Quality Council (KCHQC) meets monthly and includes members from our Family Advisory Council (FAC), faculty, staff and residents. S. Nena Osorio, M.D., M.S., Director of Quality, Patient Safety and Family Involvement, is the Quality Council Chair.  

The Quality Council facilitates transformational change via:

  • improvement at the system level
  • culture change
  • safety and high reliability
  • alignment with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
  • partnership with patients and families
  • scholarly work
Quality Council FY 2016 Accomplishments

Komansky Children’s Hospital

  • Simulation Discharge Program (SDP) for medically complex children
  • Asthma Initiative 

Cross-Campus 2016 Goals & Achievements

  • expanded participation in Children’s Hospitals’ Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS), specifically within Patient Safety Wave 6 (Culture Wave) - the SPS is a network of over 100 children’s hospitals across the U.S., focused on reducing harm by preventing readmissions, serious safety events and hospital-acquired conditions
  • expanded involvement with the Hospital Acquired Plan (HAC) to include surgical site HAC, as well as continued work on three previously established HACs:
    • catheter-associated urinary tract infections
    • preventable readmissions
    • Adverse Drug Events (ADE)
  • continued infrastructure building for the Pediatric QI Safety Program and for Pediatric QI Education and Research
  • continue work establishing an antibiotic stewardship program to improve control of clostridium difficile infections
  • “Rory’s Law” initiatives: state-mandated pediatric sepsis identification and management protocols
    • implementation of an electronic trigger tool in patient units to facilitate early identification of sepsis and use of a sepsis order set
Quality Council Goals for FY 2017
  • expansion of the Simulation Discharge Program
  • complete culture wave
    • building high-reliability units
  • reduction of hospital-acquired conditions and continued involvement with Solutions for Patient Safety concerning:
    • ADEs
    • VTEs
    • CAUTIs
    • preventable readmissions
    • CLABSI
    • pressure injuries

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