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Faculty Initiatives

Diversity Grand Rounds with Dr. Wright

Visiting Professor Dr. Joseph Wright giving noon conference following Diversity Grand Rounds

Professional Development

Regional and National Conferences

Recognizing that recruitment is of little value without efforts to maximize the success and retention of the faculty that join our ranks, deliberate effort is made to identify internal and external mentors and professional development offerings relevant to individual faculty members.  Over the past several years, our URiM faculty have participated in regional and national conferences with the intent of facilitating academic advancement. These include: 

  • AAMC Early Career Women’s Faculty Development Seminar
  • AAMC Mid-Career Minority Faculty Development Seminar
  • Association of Pediatric Program Director Leadership in Educational Academic Development

Local Conferences

  • NYP Healthcare Leaders Fellowship Program


Weill Cornell Medicine is an academic, health care and research community committed to diversity, inclusiveness and a welcoming environment for its faculty, staff, and students. Strategies targeting faculty recruitment and retention include networking at national, regional and local meetings; the diversity grand rounds series with visiting professorships by minority faculty.

Diversity Grand Rounds and Visiting Professorships

  • Joseph Wright, MD, Professor and Chair of Pediatrics, Howard University
  • Yewande Johnson, MD, Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology,  Associate Physician Diversity Officer for the Children’s National Health System in the District of Columbia
  • Inmaculada de Melo-Martin, PhD, Professor of Medical Ethics in Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine: "Disability Ethics," February 2018

Dinner with Dr. Joseph Wright

Dinner with Dr. Joseph Wright

Institutional/Interdepartmental Activities

  • SPARC Jr.  The SPARC Junior conference targets students from all summer programs at Weill Cornell Medicine, The Rockefeller University, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (but is also open to high school students, college students and parents/guardians in the NYC area). Students gain valuable advice regarding careers in medicine and science, gain insight into the life of medical and graduate students, and are able to meet students, faculty members and alumni of the tri-institutional schools.
  • Black and Latino Men in Medicine (BLMiM): The Black and Latino Men in Medicine (BLMiM) Initiative at Weill Cornell Medicine was established in 2016 by Dr. Maurice Hinson, NYPH/Cornell Internal Medicine PGY3, and former Co-Chair of the Minority House Staff Committee.  Its mission is to increase underrepresented minority representation in healthcare and biomedical research through networking, mentorship, and advocacy. BLMiM fosters the advancement of its member’s careers while also enhancing the pipeline for future leaders in healthcare, medicine and science.

Pediatric Diversity Coalition

The PDC is comprised of URiM faculty, fellows and residents, key members of departmental leadership and others supportive of the department’s efforts to strengthen diversity. These include medical student clerkship directors, residency program leadership and departmental leadership including Dr. Loughlin, our chair. Because there are opportunities to advance diversity on many levels, it is important to have a variety of stakeholders at the table as we develop and advance the varied diversity initiatives within the department.

Weill Cornell Medicine Diversity Council

Diversity efforts across Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) are coordinated by the Weill Cornell Diversity Council (WCDC). This body meets monthly and is comprised of the Associate and Assistant Deans of Diversity, departmental diversity champions, and representatives from student affairs, human resources, the graduate school, affiliate members, legal counsel, and the student body.  

National Medical Association (NMA) Participation

  • Elaine Barfield, MD is the Vice President of the Manhattan Central Medical Society (MCMS), the Manhattan chapter of the National Medical Association.  She is also a member of the Susan Smith McKinney Medical Society (SSMS) and has hosted SSMS meetings (as well as a Pediatric Minority Housestaff Committee meeting) at her home. In May 2018, Dr. Barfield presented on "Disparities and Their Implications in Pediatric Gastroenterology” at the National Medical Association Annual Meeting in Jamaica. 

  • Belinda Oyinkan Marquis, MD is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Child Neurology with expertise is epilepsy and neuroimaging. She is Co-Chair of the Advocacy Committee for the Manhattan Central Medical Society (MCMS).   

Faculty Recruitment

In addition to traditional pipeline programs intended to attract high school and college undergraduates to careers in medicine, we recruit residents and fellows with an eye toward retaining the best of our trainees as faculty.

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