Meet the People


Internal Advisory Board

  • Sallie Permar, MD, PhD
  • Carl Nathan, MD
  • Randi Silver, PhD
  • Linnie Golightly, MD

External Advisory Board

  • Marcus Lambert, PhD (SUNY Downstate)
  • Victoria Freedman, PhD (Einstein)
  • Todd Nystul, PhD (UCSF)
  • Ryan Hernandez, PhD (UCSF)


  • Janet Lam, MSW (Program Manager):

Janet is a seasoned research program manager and presently manages a longstanding, highly successful K12 program (the Pediatric Scientist Development Program). Her experience in program management will allow her to effectively oversee the administrative and logistical management of all components within the ASPiRE program. This includes database data entry quality control, annual reporting to the program’s sponsor and stakeholders, development and retention of program data, and other senior administrative functions.

  • Amir Williams (Program Assistant):

Amir supports the development and administrative functions of the ASPiRE program. He supports the Program Directors in all aspects of the program, inclusive but not limited to meeting scheduling, documentation and follow-up, communication between all program participants, editing educational content and supporting technical delivery, supporting in-person and remote meetings for all participants, documenting relevant information in the program database, tracking expenses, submitting reimbursements for travel, managing purchasing as necessary, supporting consulting contract processing, managing computer inventory for the program.


Each of the following WCM faculty members have expressed commitment to participation in this program. Additionally, they all have prior research and mentoring experience, laboratory space and resources necessary to support the proposed activities.


  • John Ramos (2024-2025, Sallie Permar Lab)
  • Eseosa Uwaifo (2024-2025, Jacqueline Burre Lab)

Alumni (coming soon)

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