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Global Health Elective

Over the past several years, the mission of Weill Cornell Medical College in Mwanza, Tanzania has been to strengthen medical education at the Weill Bugando University College of Health Sciences (Weill Bugando) and at Bugando Medical Centre (BMC). Weill Cornell is committed to excellence in training to improve and expand Tanzania's core of health-care providers. As part of this mission, pediatric residents have traveled to BMC to take part in an elective opportunity. The goals of the elective for NYP-Weill Cornell pediatric residents include:

  • understanding the general principles of health care delivery in developing countries
  • improving physical diagnosis skills through clinical experience in a resource-poor setting
  • building medical knowledge of tropical diseases
  • learning about the major causes of pediatric morbidity and mortality in developing countries
  • participating in the education of students, residents and other health professionals at BMC
Weill Cornell Pediatrics Global Health Elective

The partnership between Weill Cornell and Weill Bugando has had a positive impact on both institutions. This collaboration has contributed to training the next generation of Tanzanian physicians and has expanded the awareness and skills of NYP-Weill Cornell pediatric faculty and residents through their exposure to healthcare in a developing country.

In 2012, we established a bilateral exchange program. The Department of Pediatrics at Weill Cornell hosts two Tanzanians who are in their final years of training and pursuing a career in pediatrics. This opportunity allows the Tanzanian residents to see the practice of pediatrics in an urban academic center in a developed nation. In addition, the visiting Tanzanian residents share their knowledge with the Weill Cornell residents through participation in didactic conferences and teaching rounds.

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