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Resident-as-Teacher Curriculum

We have a resident-as-teacher curriculum that begins in orientation for interns and continues throughout three years of training. In orientation, interns are given information regarding the third-year medical student pediatric clerkship and the expectations for their interaction with and evaluation of the students. Throughout the year, additional adult learning theory workshops, including evaluation and feedback, micro-skills of teaching, and dealing with the difficult learner, are part of the core curriculum noon conference series.

During their senior year, each resident has a block rotation devoted entirely to teaching. The resident is responsible for teaching pediatric clerkship students in multiple settings: at the bedside, in the ambulatory setting, in small groups and in a large group conference. This resident is also responsible for delivering at least two morning report conferences. The resident is evaluated on their teaching skills at morning report by students, peers and faculty. They receive formal evaluation and feedback from their morning report sessions, which are reviewed with a faculty member. 

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