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Awards & Honors: Dr. Cori Green selected for WCM Healthcare Leadership Fellows Program; Drs. Haviva Veler and Anthony Yuen receive travel grants

The Weill Cornell Physicians Organization has selected seven outstanding physicians for the Healthcare Leadership Fellows Program (2020-2021) to foster their development as physician leaders, including Cori Green, MD, MSc, associate professor of clinical pediatrics and Director of Behavioral Health Education and Integration in Pediatrics in the  Weill Cornell Medicine Department of Pediatrics.  

Dr. Green's fellowship will focus on the Behavioral and Mental Health (B/MH) program from an educational, clinical, and research standpoint in the Department of Pediatrics.  The Department's initiatives will reach primary care faculty and practices and, eventually, subspecialty and inpatient care as well.  For year one starting in July 2020, the goal is to begin to change attitudes and culture for all faculty members, to implement a 3-year longitudinal curriculum with the new interns, and to implement B/MH screening in the primary care settings.  Dr. Green plans to be concurrently participating in the Fellowship Program during year one, and her project will be to study these implementation efforts. 

About Dr. Green: A nationally recognized leader in behavioral and mental health education, Dr. Green has studied and published a needs assessment on mental health training in pediatric residency programs, created a national curriculum through the American Academy of Pediatrics, and is a faculty member for a New York State (Project TEACH) and national (REACH Institute) initiative to train primary care providers in practice to improve mental health care in their practice.  She is currently a consultant for the American Board of Pediatrics to nationally assess pediatric residents’ and fellows’ experiences and perceived competence with mental health training, and is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics Mental Health Leadership Workgroup.

Travel Grants Awarded to Physicians in Pediatric Sleep Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Haviva Veler, MD, and Anthony Yuen, MD both received travel grants through the Michael Wolk Foundation -- two of three awarded to Weill Cornell physicians for their project development and mentorship.   

Dr. Veler is Director of the Pediatric Sleep and Breathing Disorders Center, associate professor of clinical pediatrics in the Department of Pediatrics, and associate attending pediatrician at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Komansky Children's Hospital.  Her project focuses on delivering pediatric sleep services, both behavioral and medical, to underserved populations in New York City.

Dr. Yuen is Director of the Simulation-Based Discharge Program at NYP Komanky Children's Hospital, assistant professor of clinical emergency medicine and clinical pediatrics in Pediatric Emergency Medicine, and assistant attending physician at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Komansky Children's Hospital. He plans to use the grant for his work focusing on simulation-based discharge and telemedicine.

The other travel grant recipient is Danielle McCullough, instructor in Anesthesiology.

About the Healthcare Leadereship Fellows Program 

Sponsored by the Michael J. Wolk Heart Foundation, the program was established in 2012 in recognition of the pressing need for physician leaders in the face of rapid transformations in the healthcare industry. Fifty-five Weill Cornell faculty members have been selected as Fellows during the first eight years of the program; many have assumed leadership roles within departments and on committees of Weill Cornell and NYP.

The program seeks to prepare the “leaders of tomorrow” to develop innovative solutions for efficient, patient-centered and cost-effective health care delivery. Fellows are supported with leadership training opportunities, mentoring, and engagement with nationally known leaders. 

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