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Pediatric IBD Research Day

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The goal of Pediatric IBD Research Day is to bring together our pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition communities to identify gaps in knowledge in pediatric IBD, foster research collaborations and generateideas for future research studies.

The first five years of this annual event have been very successful. Dr. Neera Gupta conceived of and developed each program's agenda. The event has grown to approximately 90 attendees annually. Participants include pediatric and adult gastroenterology physicians, fellows, nurse practitioners,nurses, residents, medical students, research study coordinators, pediatric endoscopy nurses,dieticians,socialworkers and nongastroenterology physicians and fellows. The majority of the attendees have come from across the United States, though several have travelled from other countries including Canada, Israel and Australia.

Each speaker presents his/her research and the impact of this research on patient care. Each presentation at Research Day stimulates discussion from the audience highlighting areas for high impact research.

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