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Mission Statement and Aims

Mission Statement

Our program’s mission is to provide a supportive and educationally rich environment in which our residents can acquire the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills to develop into outstanding pediatricians equipped to enter primary care or fellowships in pediatric sub-specialties. The unique complement of our training sites immerse our trainees in state-of-the art clinical care, scholarly opportunities in research and quality improvement, and community partnerships with the goal to improve the health and well-being of children of diverse backgrounds.


  1. To prepare our resident physicians for careers as lifelong self-learners who are comfortable with evidence-based clinical care.
  2. To develop physicians who are capable of being future leaders in academic pediatrics through exposure and training in research, quality improvement, and education.
  3. To foster a learning environment where patient safety is paramount and practice-based performance/improvement is valued.
  4. To recruit and engage a diverse group of residents who represent the population we serve and to foster an environment of inclusion.
  5. To recognize the pediatrician's role as advocate for individual patients, for the communities which we serve, and at the legislative level.
  6. To equip residents with the skills to engage in their chosen profession over a lifetime, with a commitment to self-care and attention to building resiliency.

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